We offer fit-for-purpose customised learning journeys for your organisation which may involve workshops, coaching sessions and a toolbox that can aid your organisation in achieving it’s business objectives with the development of your culturally diverse workforce.

We take a long-term perspective, and want to develop partnerships with our clients to ensure that outcomes are transformational with objectives delivered.


  • We listen, research and resource our clients with research and networks that add value to our solutions.
  • We look to communicate with people, not to people.
  • We are open to feedback and input, aware of potential.


  • We have qualified Executive and Leadership Coaches who offer one-to-one coaching to integrate and apply learning.
  • We also facilitate group coaching with teams following any of our workshops to ensure that learning “sticks”.


Our workshops are specifically focused in the area of inter-cultural intelligence.   They can be customised to our client’s needs to aligning with organisational goals and outcomes. These workshops are interactive where we facilitate and participants contribute and take responsibility for their own learning. “Sticky learning” and catering to different adult learning styles.

Communicating Effectively Across Cultures

This workshop introduces the ideas of culture, and unpacks some intercultural competency skills that looks at some basics of intercultural communication.

This is a half-day workshop, but can be customised to incorporate other aspects of Cultural Intelligence.


CQ Assessment Tools

We can facilitate the administering and debriefing of the CQ Assessment Tool for Individuals or teams.  The CQ Assessment Tool is an evidenced based tool that can be used to measure the development of Cultural Intelligence.

The use of the CQ tool comes with a coaching series from one of our CQ Coaches.

Developing Cultural Intelligence

In partnership with the Cultural Intelligence Centre, we have several innovative facilitative workshops that are based upon research evidence, with learning strategies that are delivered with to cater to adult learning styles.

This faclitative workshop will introduce the cultural intelligence model, the research behind it and equip partipants to improve their cultural intelligence capabilities. This can be delivered as a half-day, one day or two day workshop.

Cultural Intelligence Solutions for Global Markets. . . 

NZ is in the process of developing markets into China and India and the rest of the world – in international education, exports as well as in tourism. This workshop will identify the knowledge aspects of what it takes to build cross-cultural partnerships in business, and provide greater understanding of worldviews and provide strategies to build bridges that last.


We work alongside our clients using a strategic roadmap approach. This begins with in-depth client profiling, needs assessment and organisational audit to understand their organisation’s needs and requirements prior to proposing a strategy or roadmap.

When the roadmap is finalised, we recommend solutions, and tools that would work best for the client. Where required, we outsource this to partners that are best equip to deliver the solution on behalf of our client.

Shaping the culture of any organisation requires a systems approach to ensure that all aspects of any change or development is managed. Integrating diversity within the organisational culture requires a programme approach. There are several ways that Third Cultural Solutions can provide solutions that will enable organisations to strengthen their organisational culture.

With in-depth consultation and the development of a comprehensive needs assessment, we use a strategic roadmap approach, and various organisational Development toolbox to develop, design, deliver and evaluation our solutions.


  • Increase in productivity and job satisfaction
  • Increase innovation and creativity in work teams
  • Enhanced conflict resolution
  • More stable work environment
  • Flexible communicators
  • Increase the sphere of understanding that occurs around interactions defining roles and responsibilities.

All key measurable outcomes are mapped to business objectives that are clients seek to achieve.