Research reveals that cultural intelligence is the moderating factor in whether diversity is an asset or liability for innovation. Cultural intelligence (CQ) is a research-based measurement that predicts how an individual will work and relate with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Diverse teams comprised of members with low CQ, significantly underperform homogeneous teams. But diverse teams comprised of members with moderate or high CQ, significantly outperform homogenous teams on pretty much every measurement—not the least of which is innovation.


As a skill set, cultural intelligence can be applied in a variety of settings.  The following settings are real live case-studies that have incorporated cultural intelligence into their organisational change and development projects

Leadership Development Programmes

Organisations are integrating Cultural Intelligence into their Leadership Development Programme.

A combination of the CQ Multi-Rather Assessment, training and a a coaching series is used as part of developing their leaders and those who have been identified as emerging leaders or “High Potentials”.

Integrated Human Resources

Many organisations are being challenged to address diversity in their organisations. Integrating Cultural Intelligence solutions into the recruitment process and performance reviews develops the capacity of the organisation to maximise the creativity and innovation that diversity brings.

Team Development

Building a cohesive and high performing team requires intentionality and investment. Applying Cultural Intelligence training to the specific context will ensure that it is integrated and applied.

Global Assignments

Organisations are using cultural intelligence assessments, training and coaching to prepare executives who are being sent on international assignments. This supports the individuals to be ready in the transition and integration into a new country and culture.

Programme Assessments

The CQ assessment is a quantitative, evidenced based measure of assessing effectiveness of programmes in improving intercultural competency. Many academic instituitions that are seeking to develop global leaders are using the CQ assessments as part of their programmes.