John Yeo

John’s background and 12 year career in the audit & advisory business of KPMG Australia and China, as well as his experience in leading teams in the community, has given him insight into both corporate culture, as well as leading effective teams, and over the past 6 years with iConnect, has been helping individuals and workplace teams realise their full potential through consulting, training and coaching.

John has led multiple teams, including inter-cultural teams comprised of people from many countries, including Australia, USA, UK, India and China.  Having lived and worked in China for over 8 years, he also understands what it is like to be of a Western educational and work background and not just learn to adapt but to engage and thrive in the Chinese work environment.  Taking time off from work to intentionally study Chinese language and culture has also equipped him to further understand the Chinese mind-set and know how best to inspire and motivate his team.


John is our Associate based in China.