Developing the capability to thrive in culturally diverse settings

Intercultural competence is increasingly becoming an essential skill for leaders, managers, teams and businesses in today’s globalised world.  From diverse markets to diverse teams, negotiating across different cultures is critical to the success of any international business development or managing a multicultural team.

How we see the world shapes what we value and this drives our everyday behaviour and actions. On a practical day-to-day level, how we understand and communicate with each other is critical to the success of the relationship, project or business venture. With the increasing superdiversity of our workplaces, cultural intelligence can help organisations increase not only their business bottom lines but increase innovation and effectiveness in their teams.

True meaningful engagement requires we interact with each other in the “third culture” where both parties can engage, understand, and communicate in a way that trust and respect is present.


Third Culture Solutions specialises in facilitating intercultural intelligence learning journeys.  We co-create, co-facilitate and coach leaders, staff teams, managers
and individuals in organisations to grow their intercultural and global awareness.


Our purpose is to  “Equip people and organizations to thrive in an interculturally complex and global world”

We use the terms “global” and “inter-culturally” complex, because they represent the two aspects of the challenges we all face: the geographic aspect and the interpersonal aspect. Increasingly, people and organizations truly do work in multiple geographies – they must, in order to survive and grow.



Third Culture Solutions are a strong team of proactive facilitators, trainers and researchers, keen to deliver customised and integrated solutions that have a long-term benefit and achieve the organisation’s business and growth objectives.


We offer individual and group coaching services to develop your leaders, team to reach their full potential.  This can take place face to face or via Skype.


We deliver customised interactive Cultural Intelligence Workshops and fit for purpose training for individuals and organisations.


We take a systems or big picture view to seek first to undertand your business and organisational requirements, in order to customise a solution that seeks to deliver on the business objectives.


“Shireen brings a lifetime of personal and work experience interacting across cultures. We’re thrilled to have her as one of our Advanced CQ Certified Professionals and I highly commend her to you as a coach and trainer who will help you improve the ways you work across the growing diversity in New Zealand and beyond.”

Dr. David Livermore

President, The Cultural Intelligence Centre

“Shireen is absolutely the subject matter expert in CQ. Having lived here in NZ since she was young, yet has cultural connections back to her ethnicity, gives her an unrivaled appreciation on CQ and how that can be applied in a NZ context. I would recommend Third Culture Solutions for any company who is looking to harness the maximum potential in a very diverse workforce that is clearly growing rapidly in NZ.”

Eric Chuah

Cultural Connections

Shireen makes no secret about the relevance of Cultural Intelligence in today’s world. An engaging presenter who speaks with passion & conviction, she delivers a timely assurance that perceived differences can be transformed into opportunities to leverage diversity.

Siak Chung

Asset Tree